October 26, 2009

Spirit Week! Day 1: Seattle Sports Teams

Today was the first day of spirit week at my school! I have to be sure to dress up since I'm on leadership and executive council! 
The first day's theme is Seattle Sports Teams Day BUT, I don't own anything (hey, I've only lived here two years!!)
soooo I just went for the main colors! (blue and green)

Romper: Brass Plum, Nordstrom
Tights: American Apparel
Hoodie: Vintage


October 25, 2009

Forever 21 Fall Fashion Outfit

Well, as you probably know, Forever 21 is a great resource for cheap, chic clothes, BUT, it can also be really hard to navigate and find things that match, since there's just SO many things!!


I picked out some items that I think would make an adorable outfit together! Links to the pages are embedded into the "Forever 21".


Metallic Tiered Top, $19.80, Forever 21


Parlor Mesh Tights, $5.80, Forever 21


Sequined Sneaker, $10.80, Forever 21


Faux Leather Jacket w/ Belt, $37.80, Forever 21


Square Linked Chains, $7.80, Forever 21

Cage Heart Necklace, $5.80, Forever 21


Wide Filigree Cuff Bracelet, $6.80, Forever 21


Forever 21 Fall Look

Oh, and it gets better! Guess how much it costs for two necklaces, a bracelets, tights, shoes, a top, and a coat?

TOTAL: $94.60


October 24, 2009

Pearl Project

Sooo, last week, my bud LG & I went down to Goodwill and found a HUGE bag of pearls for only $4!! On Thursday we got together and did somethin' with 'em!



Unique Pearl Ideas
Wanna make cool stuff out of pearls?? Here are some of the things LG & I did!:

-necklaces (knotted, layered, long, short, etc.)
-bracelets (layered, tight, loose, etc.)
-headbands (across the forehead, behind the ear, etc.)
-earrings (teardrop, post, etc.)
-keychains (use ribbon&jewels with em!)

Ideas from Nordstrom jewelry:

Betsey Johnson Charm Necklace, $42, Nordstrom

Betsey Johnson Mixed Charm Stretch Bracelet, $55, Nordstrom

Betsey Johnson Three Strand Bracelet, $125, Nordstrom

Juicy Couture 'Wish' Beaded Bracelet, $42, Nordstrom

Betsey Johnson Leopard Heart Earrings, $30, Nordstrom

Betsey Johnson Faux Pearl Drop Earrings, $25, Nordstrom


Juicy Couture 'Power Crest' Tote, $88, Nordstrom


October 23, 2009

What a Steal!

You know those stores that we all love but can't afford?? 
Well, I know them REALLY well. 
So here are some cute, relatively inexpensive picks for girls on a budget!


Left: 80's Triangle Ruched Waist Skirt, $30 (sale price), Topshop USA
Right: Cosmic Ruch Waist Skirt, $30 (sale price), Topshop USA


Left: L.A.M.B. 'Marigold' Top, $33.90, Nordstrom Savvy Department
Right: Eight Sixty Faux Two Piece Dress, $16.90, Nordstrom t.b.d. Department


Left: Flannel PJ Pant in 'White Celebrate', $34.50, VS PINK
Right: Solid Mukluk, $34.50, VS PINK (my faves are the gray fairisle love ones)


Left: Ella Vest In Heather Grey, $58, Abercrombie&Fitch
Right: Darby Trouser In Stone, $29.90, Abercrombie Kids


October 19, 2009

October 15, 2009

Lauren's Style File: Day #5

Here we come, Friday: last day of the week!!

TGIF to the max.

Here's Lauren's final outfit for FRIDAY, the best day of the school week! This Friday is a busy workday in our leadership class where we'll be running around school setting up for the dance, so she wanted to be in working clothes, but still wear an outfit that would be sure to make an impact and be talked about at the dance!!

Top: Old Navy
Sweater: BP Nordstrom
Skirt: BP Nordstrom
Flip Flops: Victoria's Secret PINK


October 14, 2009

Lauren's Style File: Day #4

Hey guys!! :)
Here's a look at my friend Lauren's outfit I picked out for her to wear tomorrow! Both she and I are on leadership/student council (she's secretary and I'm treasurer) We have a big assembly on Thursday, so she wanted to look great in front of the whole school! Plus, our leadership teacher likes us to look a little nicer on event days.

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Target

Check back tomorrow for Lauren's next outfit! :)


October 13, 2009

Lauren's Style File: Day #3

Well, today I'm gonna start off with my outfit I wore today :)

Light Denim Top: Vintage
Plaid Top: Aritzia
Necklace: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Aaaaaanyyywhoooooo, on to Lauren! If this is your first time on my blog, she's one of my really good friends :) and asked me to pick out her outfits for a week of school! Sooo, here's a look at tomorrow's outfit. This outfit's perfect for her for tomorrow because she's going down to the local shopping center/teen hangout "Saffron" for lunch after school since we have a minimum day every Wednesday. 

Cami: BP
Tunic: Free People
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes: Mossimo

Come on and check back tomorrow for Lauren's next outfit!!


October 12, 2009

Lauren's Style File: Day #2

DAY 2: Tuesday!!

On Tuesdays, my bud Lauren studies French and does homework after school with our friend Rheame. She wanted a look that was cute enough to wear to school, but practical enough for the chilly weather (Seattle's thermometer's headin' down south!)

Coat: H&M
Top: American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans: PacSun
Fringe Moccasins: Minnetonka

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Lauren's look for Wednesday!! :) 


October 11, 2009

Lauren's Style File: Day #1

My friend, Lauren, decided she needed some help figuring out her closet. So, we went through it together and picked out some cute outfits. This week, I challenged her to try some new things and mix it up. Usually, she comes to school in sweats, Ugg slippers, jeans, sweaters, sneakers, etc. This week, she'll be rocking skirts, tunics, gladiators, coats, blouses, and more! I'm really happy and proud that she's gonna try to make the most out of her adorable wardrobe!

Objective: Style Lauren for a whole week of school avoiding sweats or really generic, boring pieces

DAY #1: Monday
Ugh, Lauren’s got a bad case of the Mondays, so she just wants to be cute but comfy for school and walking to Jamba Juice with friends. And her dad’s having a Monday Night Football party later so she needs a look good for chillin with the fam.

Top: Free People Tie Front Babydoll
Bottoms: Flared Seven For All Mankind Cotton/Spandex Trousers
Undershirt: BP Nude/Off-White Cami
Shoes: Custom Print Vans Slip-Ons

Check back tomorrow for Lauren's next look!

And, as a heads up, she is a HUGE fan of Free People and 7 For All Mankind, so get used to those names popping up!



October 2, 2009

TGIF: My Life Is Average

I know everyone's probably really annoyed that everyone is sooo obsessed with it, but too bad.
Prepare to be mylifeisaverage.com'd.
Here's 5 random MLIAs to help you realize: In the wake of so many FMLs, we can look forward to some really great MLIA moments.

1. Today, I decided to tan on the balcony. I took my top off and my neighbor came out and saw me. He's a guy. So am I. We greeted each other. MLIA.

2. Today, I was trying to telepathically communicate with my teacher in class. He didnt look at me the whole time I was calling out 'sir' loudly in my head, then I thought I'd lie and tell him I slept with his wife, he glanced at me from the corner of his eye. I know he can hear me. MLIA

3. Today, I watched a really scary movie before going to bed. When it was done, I went upstairs and ran down the hallway as fast as I could before any monsters could kill me. I made it to my room safely. MLIA.

4. Today, I discovered a ring tone on my blackberry called Ninja. Excitedly, I changed it to my text alert. A few minutes later I heard it go off, but couldn't find my phone. Well played Ninja blackberry, well played. 

5. Today, while in Germany, a girl asked me if high school in America was really the same as in all the movies. I convinced her everyday at school is just like High School Musical. Now, all of Germany will believe we randomly break out into song and dance. America, you're welcome. MLIA.