September 12, 2009

Late Fall Fashion 2009

"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions"
Coco Chanel
Wow, I pretty much completely forgot about this blog! Soooo sorry :( (How that's possible, I don't even know) Anyways, it's September, which means back to school (for me at least!)


Last week I bought THE cutest boots EVER at good old Nordstrom. They're the Cybul Cognac Steve Madden boots, and I just can't get enough of these babies. Flat boots are perfect for school since they can be dressed up or down and you won't have to deal with a noticeable height difference. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they're super cheap at only $99!

Steve Madden Cybul Boots in Cognac, $99, Nordstrom

Here's some other cute variations (organized by price, $, $$, $$$) on the flat boot trend this fall:

Mossimo Giselle Boots in Black, $29.99, Target


Steve Madden Bonanza Boots in Black Suede, $69.97, Steve Madden


Jessica Simpson Fanny Boots in Black, $139, Macy's

And, for those of you who want to try this look, but aren't sure how, here's a list of possible combos with flat, tall boots!
  • skinny jeans
  • lace leggings
  • velvet leggings
  • black leggings
  • colored leggings (pink works well with black boots, gray with brown boots, & navy with gray boots)
  • leather, polyester, or spandex miniskirts (zippers with motorcycle boots kick ass, a tight boho printed high-waisted skirt looks adorable with brown boots, & a deep purple ultra-miniskirt with horizontal piping (bandage skirt) helps bring gray boots
  • i.e. £20 Dorothy Perkins bandage skirt

Later! :) And here's a pic of the TO DIE FOR romper I bought today at BP for only $30! I know, sooo rad!! The belt is also from BP, $16. The shoes are BP, too, but last season (don't worry, guys, I'm not a BP junkie, just happened to work out this way). The necklace is vintage.



  1. this is kinda cool write more please. and btw can u write more about cheaper stuff? i cant arfford those boots. thx.

  2. Your site burns my eyes LOL! But for reals, I liked your article, but I agree with Maddie. I'm only 17 so I can't pay for stuff like Jessica Simpson boots. :(:(